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I have a django project sitting in a bitbucket repository. Is it possible to automate using buildout, the following process: 1. Install django 2. clone the django project from hg repository 3. install the dependency modules of the django project

Update: I have achieved what I wanted to, with the help of mr.developer extension as suggested by Ross.

While doing that I had another question popping up. Which is the best place to specify the dependencies - in the buildout.cfg or in the setup.py of the 'develop' modules? For now I have duplicated the specification.

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Generally, you make your checkout the buildout itself, so you'd place buildout.cfg and bootstrap.py in your project root. That way when someone checks out/clones your project, they just do the bootstrap/buildout dannce and they're up and running.

If you have multiple checkouts, then look into mr.developer.

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thanks, using mr.developer extension, I was able to achieve what I wanted. I will post my buildout.cfg once I can answer to this question. Thanks. :-) – Guruprasad Aug 30 '11 at 9:05

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