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I have a radiobutton List

<asp:RadioButtonList ID="rblMedicationTime" runat="server"  onselectedindexchanged="rblMedicationTime_SelectedIndexChanged"  DataSourceID="dtsMedicationTime" DataTextField="LookupItem" DataValueField="Id"  AutoPostBack="true"></asp:RadioButtonList>

On page load, I want to select a radiobutton from the list for which I have written this line of code:

rblMedicationTime.SelectedValue = clientMedicationSchedule.glTypeId.ToString();

Radiobutton list is populating successfully but value is unable to be selected.

rblMedicationTime.SelectedValue is always "" when I debug the code.

Any help would be appreciated.

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I do think you need to use SelectedText or Selected.Value –  balexandre Aug 30 '11 at 7:01
why not this? what's the problem here? –  asma Aug 30 '11 at 7:05
It's all about the control itself and how .NET and the DropDownList control all tight up, you can read more Googling it. There are several controls that do not populate SelectedValue, a DropDownList for example. –  balexandre Aug 30 '11 at 7:09
I have used selectedValue with dropdownlist thousands of time –  asma Aug 30 '11 at 7:18

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You just need to use

string myValue = myRadioButtonList.SelectedItem.Value

The property object myRadioButtonList.SelectedItem contains all values from the selected item of a Radio Button list or a DropDown list

to set the value programmatically all you have to do is:

myRadioButtonList.SelectedIndex = 0;

You can see that you have several ways to Get but only one to Set:

  • myRadioButtonList.SelectedIndex --> Get's or Set's
  • myRadioButtonList.SelectedValue --> Get's
  • myRadioButtonList.SelectedItem --> Get's
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I don't want to get value. I want to set value so that a radio button must be selected according to the value i am setting. –  asma Aug 30 '11 at 7:14
I did myRadioButtonList.SelectedItem.Value = myValue.tostring(); It is also not working –  asma Aug 30 '11 at 7:21
ohh sorry, I thought you want to get ... code updated! –  balexandre Aug 30 '11 at 8:25

I think problem in !IsPostBack.

if (!IsPostBack)
string str = rblMedicationTime.SelectedValue;

First you should check !IspostBack

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Im not sure but I think you cant set the selected radiobutton with .SelectedValue, only with .SelectedIndex.

Check msdn (at SelectedValue it says "Gets the value", at SelectedIndex is says "Gets or sets")

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hello friend there is something another problem in your code because in my side this is running fine.

rblMedicationTime.SelectedValue = clientMedicationSchedule.glTypeId.ToString();

can u cehck that clientMedicationSchedule.glTypeId.ToString() this contain value or not. and on page load u put selection code on if (!IsPostBack){} block.

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yes that is containing value. I have got the problem. My radio button list was not populating properly. Now I debugged again and got the problematic area. Thanx guys –  asma Aug 30 '11 at 7:44
you are always welcome... –  mayur Rathod Aug 30 '11 at 8:23

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