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I have a problem with a jQueryUI button that I use to provide download links for .csv reports. Most browsers open a .csv in-browser, without asking to save the file. I figured I'll just disable left click and ask a user to right click and use save as. Which works fine in Safari and Chrome, but fails in IE and Firefox. Firefox dosen't even open the right click menu and IE opens the menu but offers me options I don't need at all. This is how I make the button: jsfiddle.net/tKksD/37/ (I have a bunch of these buttons, so I generate the url depending on the location)

So my question is, how to fix this. Either by changing something in this code or by a completely different approach. All I want is that there is a button that a user can use to get the .csv report on his computer.

Thanks for your replies.

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I solved my problem to some extend. I changed the button to a div, since jQueryUI can display a div as a UIbutton also. And to make it work in internet explorer I had to put the link inside the div, so it links the text "Download Report". The problem now is, that a person must click exactly on the text to get the report. Another problem is, that I use mini icons as well, that don't have any text on them, where I can't link anything. I added an example of the mini button as well - jsfiddle.net/tKksD/37/ –  Andro_ Aug 30 '11 at 10:00
Another thing I should mention is, I can't use PHP (or any server side scripting). Another half-solution I found is to zip the files, so they will be downloaded by default. This is kind of a hassle to do, so any other idea would be very much appreciated. Tnx. –  Andro_ Aug 31 '11 at 6:53

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