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help me kill java thread So I have code:

new Thread(new Runnable() {
  public void run() {
    // process() method is time-consuming and has no while-loop in his body
    // so I want to give user to stop it
    new AnyObject().process();

My question is how can I kill such thread?

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I am not sure if looking for a way to kill a thread is such a nice approach. What I would probably suggest is to implement AnyObject().process() in such a way that it is always finished.. and hence the calling thread. – Mukul Goel Nov 17 '15 at 17:12

You can call Thread.stop() however you should understand what it does as its deprecated for a reason (being that it can leave your system in an inconsistent state) If the work you are doing is self contained and well behaved, it won't be a problem.

However if it were well behaved you wouldn't need to stop it this way, thus the catch-22 with this "solution" ;)

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Ultimately the only safe way to stop a thread is to have it exit its run loop. There are two main ways to do that, set a flag that the AnyObject.process method checks periodically or have the AnyObject.process method respond correctly to an interrupt and exit. However to use the latter method, you will need to keep a reference to the thread around so you can issue the interrupt method on it.

You should probably keep a reference to your AnyObject as well in case you need to reference it later.

If all that fails, System.exit() will usually do the trick.

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You can call interrupt() on thread in order to stop it.

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