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I'm trying to record the output of a command with post processing to clean things up
(like removing ansi escape codes to a file while outputing the command to screen)
(command is minicom which functions as a terminal among other things).
currently I have the following but it doesn't work(seems to block).

rm "${fifo}"
mkfifo "${fifo}"
cat "${fifo}"|filter_1 >"${log_file}" &
command |tee "${fifo}"


command | tee "${log_file}"

works fine

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see if your system has the unbuffer command available. You may have to experiment to see which of your producing commands have to be unbuffered. Good luck. –  shellter Aug 30 '11 at 13:25

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Besides unbuffer, you can try

{ command ; printf "\n" ; } | tee "${log_file}"

I hope this helps.

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