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I have to run 32-bit code on WinXP or Win2003. Nehalem Xeons (5500 series) should be the fastest, but I'm not sure what'll happen with the memory arrangement. I'm unsure about 2 parts:

  1. To get a maximal speed memory setup, I'll need to install at least 6gb of RAM (to give each CPU 3 sticks to work with). Is the memory interleaved in such a way that a 32-bit OS (WinXP or 2003) will get maximum performance out of it? (I'm fine wasting a few gb of RAM).
  2. Will Win2003's NUMA support work for the Xeon 5500s? (If so, I presume I should use Win2003 rather than WinXP?)
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Why limit your system with a 32-bit OS? You can run 32-bit code just fine on a 64-bit OS, and 64-bit Server 2003 will run awesomely well on such a system as you describe. Personally I would go with 2008 or Linux.

Anyway, there is no conceivable reason to run 32-bit OS on a dual Nehalem Xeon. So get a 64-bit OS and 12 GB of RAM.

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I'd go with Linux, but for this project I have to use certain 3rd party software/code that's only supported on 32-bit XP & 2003.. and the support is a must. –  ggruschow Apr 7 '09 at 10:33
Tell this 3rd party to get a move on and provide 64-bit support. It's been six years now! –  Zan Lynx Apr 7 '09 at 14:14

You seem to be confusing quantity of ram with speed of ram.

Usually you want to go with less quantity of ram that is higher quality rather than quantity of ram ( assuming you have enough ram total ).

More importantly... How are you using 4GB of RAM?!

If all the apps you are running need more than 4 GB total you might want to reconsider your approach... but then again to get to that much memory usage means you have already burned a lot of time...

Slightly unrelated, regarding Windows XP 32 bit and ram limitations:

Windows XP 32 bit is limited to 4GB ( presumably because it ignores the 4 additional address bits that all new computers come with see Physical-address-extension ).

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Sorry, I wasn't clear. I'm worried about the realized speed of memory controllers, not the speed or size of memory. Nehalems have 3x DDR 1333 channels/CPU, so 2 CPUs and min size DIMMs = 3x2 = 6gb min to use all controllers. I just want to know if it'll use the first few 100mb well in that config. –  ggruschow Apr 7 '09 at 10:28

Yes, Server 2003 Enterprise is both NUMA-aware and have support for true 36-bit PAE addressing to address up to 64GB (in SP1 and later). So that is the best thing to use.

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