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In the quick start guide for Smart GWT, it says that I should open the "built-in-ds" sample project included in the Smart GWT SDK under samples/built-in-ds.

However this project is not there in the downloadeded SDK. (The latest version of Smart GWT is 2.5)

From where can I obtain this sample ?(as well as other samples- currently the samples folder only has 'showcase' in it).

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The "built-in-ds" Sample is included in Smartgwt Enterprise Edition only.

Here you can download a full-featured 60 day trial version for free. In smartgwtee/samples you will find what you are looking for.

But the LGPL version brings a lot of samples as well. You can find them under samples/Showcase/src/com/smartgwt/sample/showcase/client/[nameOfTheSample].

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