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I'm newbie in rails and in forum. I'm developing my first ror 3 application and I have a problem with a form.

With a form_for the validation works correctly but with a form_tag i don't know how is possible to do the validation. My code is the next :

<%=form_tag(result_path, :method => "post") do  %> 
    Party: <%= text_field :event,:name %><br/>
    Where: <%= text_field :event,:where %><br/>
    When: <%= text_field :event,:when %><br/>

In my controller I get parameters with :

@event =[:event])

and all works correctly but , how can i do the validations?

thanks a lot

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When you use a form_tag, you have no models associated to it. You will have to code the validation by yourself or create a model that is not bound to your db.

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You do your validations in a model. All you need to do is a bit of docs reading :)

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In your events model you'll have to add your validations so:

class Event < ActiveRecord::Base
  validates_presence_of :Party #etc
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