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I setup a Openfire server with external MySQL database using the openfire_mysql.sql file from the openfire installation directory to populate the database, the connection and everything basic seems to be ok.

However I need to add another attribute of a User instead of just "name", "email", I need to add "phone" and a long text field for users to save some notes.

Actually using the Smack API there are already enough attributes that can be stored in a User's data based on the API doc:

However when doing createAccount with the parameter of Map attributes, the attribute is not persisted because I think the default database does not have fields to store this. So I used external database, yet still I can't see in the phpMyAdmin which fields this attribute get stored?

Any ideas?

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Yes. The solution to your problem would be saved in the vCard data from the user. Each user has a Vcard and it can be added all the data you need.

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But is it possible to search for data from the vCard? – miho Jan 20 '14 at 19:14

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