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Is it possible to Link *.lib files with MinGW(I use it with Eclipse) unambiguous information about that. I'm fighting with libcurl+OpenSSL so now I don't understand if my errors are because I try to use .lib-files in MinGW or something else is wrong

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Probably not. mingw's static library format is *.a.

Dynamic libraries for a given platform are standardized by the OS loader that must be able to load them.

Static libraries only have to be understood by the toolchain's linker, and are thus less cross compiler compatible. Afaik *.lib files are not even compatible across all MSVC versions.

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mingw also accepts libraries with a .lib extension.

For instance, a library named libsample.lib must be linked as

-L -llibsample


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New mingw versions support linking lib files. But I faced issues where .lib is with prefix libxxxx.lib.It ommits the preffix lib in linking. So make it like lib<name>.lib

Also there are ways to convert a .lib to .a ex: lib2a You can use that as well.

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