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I am trying to add a new query to my app and I'm stuck a bit. I also don't really know what to use as search term, so I'm stuck.

Ok, let's get into it right now:

Table: a
primary key: id
string: name

Table: b
primary key: id
foreign key: a_id
int: cluster

What I want to do is retrieve the max cluster int for a given object a. In SQL:

SELECT MAX(b.cluster) FROM b WHERE b.a_id = ? GROUP BY b.cluster;

As I'm using symfony 1.4 and doctrine 1.2, I want to get it right by adding a method to Class a with the name maxCluster():

class A extends BaseA{


  public function maxCluster(){
    $q = Doctrine_Query::create()->select('MAX(b.cluster)')->from('B b')->where('b.a_id = ?', $this->getId())->groupBy('b.cluster');
    return Doctrine_Core::getTable('A')->execute($q);

When doing this, I get the following error message:

A query with the name A/SELECT MAX(b.cluster) FROM B b WHERE b.a_id = ? GROUP BY b.cluster does not exist.

I think the solution should be not that complicated, I'm just stuck right now.

Thanks for any help, Sebastian

EDIT: I got a hint, so know the code of the maxCluster-function looks like this:

$q = Doctrine_Query::create()->select('MAX(b.cluster) AS maxCluster')->from('B b')->where('b.a_id = ?', $this->getId())->;
$result = $q->fetchOne();
return $result->maxCluster;

The question for me right now is: Is this the best way? I'm confused that fetchOne returns a picture-array. I wouldn't expect such a behaviour because I select one int and not objects. Maybe anyone can point out what best pratice for such queries is.

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The execute methon relative to getTable is used to execute named queries, have a look at the doctrine manual to find more if you want to use them.

Or you can use return $q->execute() to return the result of the query.

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Thank you for your answer. Please see my edit above: It's working now, but I'm not happy with it. – Sgoettschkes Aug 30 '11 at 10:34
try using a different hydration mode: return $q->fetchOne(array(), Doctrine_Core::HYDRATE_SINGLE_SCALAR) – Manuel Dalla Lana Aug 30 '11 at 12:04
Thank you very much for that hint, I'll try that! – Sgoettschkes Aug 30 '11 at 19:48

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