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I have a UILabel measuring 984x728 px with variable text. How can I calculate the maximum font size to fit the UILabel?

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use [lable setAdjustsFontSizeToFitWidth:YES]; –  Vijay-Apple-Dev.blogspot.com Aug 30 '11 at 9:29

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Create a font larger than you would ever want (48 points is probably good). Then use this:

CGFloat maxFontSize;
[string sizeWithFont:font minFontSize:0 actualFontSize:&maxFontSize forWidth:maxWidth lineBreakMode: UILineBreakModeClip];

maxFontSize will hold the largest size less than 48 and greater than 0 that will fit within maxWidth.

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The API Rob mentions sizeWithFont: has been deprecated in iOS7. Please see this Stack Overflow question for a more complete response: stackoverflow.com/questions/18897896/… –  Jeremy C. Feb 26 '14 at 22:37

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