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We have got git (Version from Feb'08) on our server. As it seems, there was no option --bare back then.

How can I create a bare repository then?

Creating it locally and scp'ing it to the server would be an option, but way too much effort. Or is it possible with a local git command to create a new remote repository?

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With such an early version of git, you can still create a bare repository with:

git --bare init

... rather than the more usual git init --bare.

Out of interest, I found this out from the message for the commit that introduced the --bare option to git init:

That commit is contained in git version v1.5.6 and later.

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+1 from me, other than the fact that IMHO git --bare init is much more usual for precisely the reason that it has been around for a lot longer. –  Charles Bailey Aug 30 '11 at 9:50

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