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Im trying to create infinite job queue using redis and ruby eventmachine. To achieve that Im using redis BLPOP command with 0 timeout. After successful BLPOP I run it again.

Am I on the right way or there is a better way to create job queue with redis?

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There are several articles/resources regarding this scenario, here is one:

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Second link is wrong. –  AAA Jul 10 '13 at 20:04

If you use BLPOP alone to remove a message from the queue, and your message consumer fails to process it, the message will have to be re-queued, lest it disappear forever along with the failed consumer.

For more durable message processing, a list of messages being processed must be maintained so they can be re-queued in the event of failure.

[B]RPOPLPUSH is perfect for this scenario; it can atomically pop a message from the message queue and pushes it onto a processing queue so that the application can respond in the case of a failure on the consumer's end.


Actual re-queueing is left to the application, but this redis command provides the foundations to do so.

There are also some drop-in-place implementations of queues using redis floating around the web, such as RestMQ [ http://www.restmq.com/ ]

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