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In my application I want to open the default keyboard when an activity starts and keep it opened until the activity is finished.

The reason for this behavior is that I need to add some text in this activity. So, what should I do to accomplish this?

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InputMethodManager imm = (InputMethodManager)

if (imm != null){

use this code in onCreate().

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Ok Thanks. It works. But what should i have to do to make default Keyboard go away on the finishing of that activity or on any button click ??? –  iDroid Explorer Aug 30 '11 at 11:34
It Work for with above code but now i want to go away with button click or on finishing of the activity. –  iDroid Explorer Aug 30 '11 at 11:36
imm.toggleSoftInput(InputMethodManager.HIDE_NOT_ALWAYS,0); use this onFinished(0 –  Kamal Aug 30 '11 at 11:40
ok. Its work on Button click event. But there is one problem. I got the keyboard on starting of the activity. but in this activity if i select back button of the device, it hide the keyboard and now if i finish the activity then it will show the keyboard on the previous activity where i have nothing to do with that keyboard. –  iDroid Explorer Aug 30 '11 at 11:52
for the purpose that you don't want to hide the keyboard on back button, you will have to create your own keyBoard, i think. and on previous Activity you can hide the keyboard by the above method. –  Kamal Aug 30 '11 at 12:04

Try this InputMethodManager imm = (InputMethodManager)getSystemService(Context.INPUT_METHOD_SERVICE); imm.toggleSoftInput(txtBuscar.getId(), InputMethodManager.SHOW_FORCED);

ok you can try this in your mainfeast filr..

<activity android:name=".MainActivity"
android:windowSoftInputMode="stateAlwaysVisible" /> 
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is it works ??? and where should i have to write this code ?? –  iDroid Explorer Aug 30 '11 at 11:07
Ok I have test it. And instead of the txtBuscar i have inserted my own edittext but its not working as i want. What else i have to do ? –  iDroid Explorer Aug 30 '11 at 11:11
i have edited the answer. you can check that. –  Kamal Aug 30 '11 at 11:14

This will fix

> InputMethodManager imm =
> (InputMethodManager)getSystemService(Context.INPUT_METHOD_SERVICE);
> imm.toggleSoftInput(txtBuscar.getId(),
> InputMethodManager.SHOW_FORCED);
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