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I have the following on my base controller class which my other controllers inherit from:

[HandleError(ExceptionType = typeof(NotFoundException), View = "NotFound")]
[HandleError(ExceptionType = typeof(UnauthorisedException), View = "Unauthorised")]

I would like to be able to add the exception message into the view. So for example when I throw an exception:

throw new NotFoundException("This record was not found");

I could somehow grab this message and insert it into the NotFound view.

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The exception object is send in the HandleErrorInfo that is the model of the error page. You can display the exception message with:

<%: Model.Exception.Message %>

If you want the complete information with the stack trace and everything, you can just use the ToString method (which is implicitly called on non-string objects that you output):

<%: Model.Exception %>
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this might help: ASP.NET MVC HandleError

or this

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