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I am trying to get some charting and visualizations going in F#. Unfortunately, the book I am using refers to a lot of .dll files that have been superseded with the advent of Windows 7. I am using Visual Studio 2010, F# 2.0.

What would be a useful replacement for "XYGraph.dll" for doing some simple graphs of mathematical functions?

Searching MSDN does not yield any results.

Thank you for any help and advice.

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I'm not familiar with "XYGraph.dll", so I'm not sure what were all the features that it had.

However, there is a MSDN section that discusses Visualizing Data with .NET Charts in F#. It covers .NET Chart Controls (available in .NET 4.0 and as a sperate download for .NET 3.5) and FSharpChart library, which is an F#-friendly wrapper for this library (as well as some other options like Excel).

The FSharpChart library seems to be the standard (and the easiest way) to visualize data from F#.

As far as I know, the only big limitation of .NET Chart Controls (and FSharpChart) is that they don't work in Silverlight. I'm not sure if that was supported by XYGraph.dll

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Great answer. Already reading through this... – Simon Hayward Aug 30 '11 at 11:46

You probably want to use the new Data Visualization stuff in .NET 4. I described how to get a parametric plot in the blog post here.

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