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Can anyone please help in how to add a button to the expanded SearchView (placed in ActionBar) below the list of recent search suggestions the SearchView is showing?

Since SearchView extends LinearLayout, I have tried to add a button in the layout, but I am not able to place it below the expanded suggestions list.

I made a vertical linearlayout called 'mysearch' with a SearchView and a button below it. Then I also referred to it in android:actionLayout="@layout/mysearch" inmenu.xml` for ActionBar.

I try to get a reference to SearchView in onCreateOptionsMenu of my activity by using

  SearchView searchView = 

When I run it, I get a ClassCastException:cannot convert LinearLayout to SearchView, maybe because getActionView() is expecting SearchView but here a LinearLayout it being returned. I dont know how to work around this.

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You should be able to put a SearchView into a vertical LinearLayout and simply add the button below it.

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I tried to do that and use a layout in actionLayout attribute , but still not able to do it. I have put the details in the rephrased question above.Please help –  Akhil Aug 31 '11 at 17:04

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