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I've installed the Protobuf-dt plugin in Eclipse and It's working okay, except for a weird problem related to it's integration with Protoc.

When I point it to it's executable, it says the file isn't protoc. If I point it to PATH, it doesn't show me any error but when I save the .proto file, it shows me an error saying that it haven't found protoc.

Eclipse - Preferences - Protocol Buffer - Compiler

If I compile my .proto file manually with command line (using the same executable), it works okay.

Could it be a problem related to my 64 bits environment (windows/eclipse/jdk)? I haven't found a win64 executable of protoc.

Does anyone had the same problem? Any tip would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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I believe it was some Bug. I raised an Issue on theirs Google Code page and they seem to have fixed.


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