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I have a lot of ToggleButtons (about 260). Part of my code with ToggleButtons:

<ToggleButton Style="{DynamicResource Seat}" Content="10" Click="OnSeatButtonClick"/>
<ToggleButton Style="{DynamicResource Seat}" Content="18" Click="OnSeatButtonClick"/>
<ToggleButton Style="{DynamicResource Seat}" Content="10" Click="OnSeatButtonClick" IsEnabled="False"/>  

I want to add action that after clicking on button "Confirm changes", ToggleButtons that are at the moment checked will go into disabled state. And what is more I want those changes to be saved to database.

So I figured that I would need to add some unique id to those ToggleButtons. And then somehow bind them to a List with elements of type Saet.

Code of class Seat:

public class Seat
    string Column;
    string Number;
    bool IsTaken;

So my question is: how to bind those ToggleButtons with List, so that I will be able to operate on them?

Any help here much appreciated!

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Create an ItemsControl and set its ItemTemplate to be your ToggleButton, bind the ItemsSource to your seat-collection. From there its just some custom logic in the handler.

It would probably be advantageous to provide properties for the button-state in your bound object as, then you can bind the IsEnabled and IsChecked to those.

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