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I am trying to do something that should be absolutely trivial, namely add a product version number to an RCP application's splash screen. So my code goes like this:

class ARMSplashHandler extends EclipseSplashHandler {
  private Font font; 
  private int heightInPx = 12;

  private int fontHeightInPt(Display display, int heightInPx) {
    return 72 * heightInPx / display.getDPI().y;

  @Override void init(Shell splash) {
    Product product = Platform.getProduct();
    Display display = splash.getDisplay();
    FontData fontData = splash.getFont.getFontData()[0];
    fontData.setHeight(fontHeightInPt(display, fontHeightInPx));
    font = new Font(display, fontData);
    String version = "v"+product.getDefiningBundle().getHeaders().get("Bundle-Version");
    String versionLocString = product.getProperty("versionLocation");
    String versionColorString = product.getProperty("versionColor");
    Rectangle versionLoc = StringConverter.asRectangle(versionLocString, new Rectangle(405, 260, 45, 12));
    Color versionColor = new Color(display, StringConverter.asRGB(versionColorString, new RGB(193, 202, 212)));
    CLabel versionLabel = new CLabel(splash, SWT.CENTER | SWT.BORDER);

    splash.addDisposeListener(new DisposeListener {
      void widgetDisposed(DisposeEvent e) { 

This works fine (except for a problem on Mac I'll ask about in a separate question; of course, the border is just for debugging):

enter image description here

But if I replace CLabel with Label, this happens:

enter image description here

It isn't centered, as expected. If I set alignment to RIGHT (which is what I really want), it disappears completely. Initially I thought the problem simply was that there isn't enough space, but increasing height of the rectangle doesn't fix the problem, and the width is certainly large enough:

enter image description here

Is this somehow expected behavior? Or an SWT bug (I certainly don't expect there to be one in something this basic)?

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What is the value of versionLoc and what is the return value of versionLabel.computeSize(-1, -12)? –  Tonny Madsen Aug 31 '11 at 12:51
@Tonny Madsen: versionLoc = Rectangle {370, 258, 80, 18}; for CLabel versionLabel.computeSize(-1, 12) = Point {39, 12} (assuming you meant 12; I get {39, -12} for computeSize(-1, -12)). Computed size for Label is {33, 12}. –  Alexey Romanov Aug 31 '11 at 13:31
I did mean versionLabel.computeSize(-1, -1) - -1 means use the default. Sorry. –  Tonny Madsen Aug 31 '11 at 13:49
@Tonny Madsen: versionLabel.computeSize(-1, -1) is Point {39, 21} for CLabel and Point {33, 15} for Label. –  Alexey Romanov Sep 1 '11 at 6:06

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