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I'm working on a maven project in eclipse, where I'm using maven (mvn install) to create war and tomcat as server. But every time I change my application, I have to execute mvn -o compile war:exploded and sometimes have to restart the tomcat.

I would like to know if there is any other way to simplify this long and heavy process.

Thanks in advance

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You may start using:

m2e ( maven to eclipse integration ) ->

Eclipse WTP ( web tools platform ) ->

WTP will allow you to run Tomcat from eclipse and m2e will take care of converting your Maven build into Eclipse project and integrating it with WTP.

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If you are using eclipse then you need not to use mvn -o compile war:exploded every time. But yes, you need to use mvn install each time you make a change in your application.

This is what you need to do:

  • Open Server View
  • Open expected tomcat server settings. A settings window for tomcat will be opened.
  • Select modules tab.
  • Choose Add external web module. An input form will be opened.
  • Browse to your application's target (generated by maven) folder and then select already exploded war directory and set it as Document Base
  • Enter Path as the base url for your application.

This is just one time effort.

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