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I'm working on some implementation of http://activitystrea.ms (using Rails - which has nothing to do with the current question!). I'm curious about how should the "Share" verb be implemented. I mean, it's easy. You add an activity which refers to the one you "share" and put the "share" verb in it. Bam!

But, in Google+ and Facebook, you can add a comment to the thing you are sharing. Where should this comment be stored? I first thought about creating a "Share" object which holds the reference to the original activity you are sharing plus the comment, but the defeat the specification at activitystrea.ms ... So according to the specification, they are storing that comment directly into the activity, probably using the "content" field? Does that seems to be the way to do it?. Any idea?


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I'm working on it too (but implemented in Python) and I had the same problem! I've finally found a new draft spec on replies in activitystrea.ms.


Good luck with your work!!

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Thanks for the link, but I was already aware of that spec. It specifies how to link each other together, but not really how the "share" activity should be structured. I implemented it using that spec and adding an optionnal "content" field to an activity, which contains the comment of the person who shares the content. For other activities, this field is empty. –  Dominic Goulet Sep 7 '11 at 13:10
Oh and by the way, are you sharing your implementation somewhere, maybe on github? I will try to share mine there, but as it will be used in some commercial applications, we feel it's more secure to make it bulletproof before releasing code to the public ;-) But we intend to do so, since activity streams is not the core of our business. –  Dominic Goulet Sep 7 '11 at 13:12

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