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To clarify I'm referring to the key/value localStorage pairs, not Web SQL DB or IndexedDB.

Is it strictly a 5MB limit for the iPad, or is it true that it's unlimited but it will ask the user to allow/deny once you exceed 5MB?

I'm hoping to use localStorage to store a large amount of data and so is important that it's unlimited.

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Yes, it's the same limit for iphone and other apple devices as well because of how Safari implemented localStorage. Take a look at this

Limit of localstorage on iPhone?

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So beyond 5MB it will ask for permission then increase to 10MB, will it continue to increment with permission or is 10MB the max? –  Chris Aug 30 '11 at 16:04
are you sure it's unlimited for the localStorage key/val? I believe the Web SQL DB local storage has a different cap. –  Chris Aug 30 '11 at 16:42

Have a look at how the Financial Times web app deals with it:


On installation it detects the limit and then provides instructions for the user to manually increase their limit to 50MB using the Settings app.

If there was an easier/automatic way to do this, I'm sure they'd use it.

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