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"user_ctx": {
       "name": "adminuser",
       "role": "[\"_admin\"]"
   "_replication_state": "error",
   "_replication_state_time": "2011-08-30T15:09:03+00:00",
   "_replication_id": "08fd9d6dcc5a0882fc9fd0d971b05938"

For some reason, I can't get my replicator to work. The log continues to show "unauthorized to access database", referring to my localhost. I know I need to have user_ctx set, but for some reason it just doesn't like to work. I copied the info out of my source. I even created new admin users to try and fix the problem, none worked. Do I need to specify more roles for the user?

The other has a good resource https://gist.github.com/832610, but the user_ctx he set's in the example isn't the admin user, the appear to just be random roles.

Anyone have any experience with the CouchDB replicating to the localhost?

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If you create the document as the server admin, then you do not need this field. I think omitting it completely will work.

If you create the document as a normal user, then it should match your name and roles which you can get by querying /_session. In fact, I think you can copy the userCtx field from the session response directly into the user_ctx field of the replication document.

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Found out what I did thanks to the CouchDB Apache Mailing Lists. Should have had "roles" instead of "role".

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