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I've done a few searches and I'm unable to find a suitable answer. Basically I have an unordered list which can be of a varying length. I want to iterate through the list, do some other things and then come back and select the next item on the list. I can do this fine when I define the amount of times my loop should iterate as I know the amount of items in the list.

However I don't want to define this for each test, I want to grab the number of items in the list and then pop that into a variable that I can use to exit the loop and do the next thing I want.

The HTML is like so:

<ul id="PageContent_cat">
  <li class="sel">
    <a target="_self" href="/searchlocation.aspx?c=S1">S1</a>
    <a target="_self" href="/searchlocation.aspx?c=S2">S2</a>
    <a target="_self" href="/searchlocation.aspx?c=S3">S3</a>
    <a target="_self" href="/searchlocation.aspx?c=S4">S4</a>
    <a target="_self" href="/searchlocation.aspx?c=S5">S5</a>
    <a target="_self" href="/searchlocation.aspx?c=S6">S6</a>
    <a target="_self" href="/searchlocation.aspx?c=S7">S7</a>

So I can see there are 7 items in the list. Apparently in watir I could have used something the following:

arr= ie.select_list(:name,'lr').getAllContents.to_a

But not with webdriver.

I thought I could maybe use 'lis' but I just get a Hex result:

$bob = browser.ul(:id => "PageContent_cat").lis puts $bob



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So, it turns out that I just use: $bob = browser.ul(:id => "PageContent_cat").lis.length puts $bob Which returns 7. –  Paul Coles Aug 30 '11 at 15:36
that's brute force and ugyl.. See Adam's answer below –  Chuck van der Linden Aug 30 '11 at 20:34

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Depending on the information you're wanting to gather and what purpose you're going to put it to, here is the way that is typically done. Rather than getting a number to define your iterations and THEN iterating that number of times, you can have it stop naturally when it reaches the last element:

MyList = browser.ul(:id => "PageContent_cat")

#Scrape links from the UL for visiting
MyList.links.each do |link|
  puts link
  puts link.text

#Save li items to an array for later processing
MyArray = []

MyList.lis.each do |li|
  puts li.text
  MyArray << li.text

#Iterate through your array in the same method, to report/visit/etc
MyArray.each do |item|
  puts "I collected something: #{item}"
end #
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You are better off using collect to collect the li text: MyList.lis.collect { |li | li.text } provides an array –  Alister Scott Aug 31 '11 at 2:05
Ok, I'll give that a go. I'm only really starting out doing this, so to me the 'ugly' route was the only one that I worked out how to do. –  Paul Coles Aug 31 '11 at 12:30
@Alister, thanks for that, always nice to have a one-liner. –  adam reed Aug 31 '11 at 15:48
@Paul - your approach made sense, but Ruby is good at providing simplified solutions for common purposes. Like Alister's suggestion to me above, there's always an alternative way to do things. –  adam reed Aug 31 '11 at 15:48

puts browser.ul(:id => "PageContent_cat").lis.length

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