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I have a String with the following value:

[{"key1":"value11", "key2":"value12"},{"key1":"value21", "key2":"value22"}]

And the following class:

public class SomeClass {
    private String key1;
    private String key2;
    /* ... getters and setters omitted ...*/

And I want to parse it to a List<SomeClass> or a SomeClass[]

Which is the simplest way to do it using Jackson ObjectMapper?

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I had a similar situation , but decided to de-serialise to JSONArray object instead of doing it to a class, since it would avoid class serialisation issues in future. Is there any advantage am over looking ? –  Arun Aug 13 '12 at 13:54
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I finally got it:

List<SomeClass> someClassList =
    mapper.readValue(jsonString, typeFactory.constructCollectionType(List.class, SomeClass.class));
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where is typeFactory declared? –  ElyashivLavi Jan 11 at 20:53
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The other answer is correct, but for completeness, here are other ways:

List<SomeClass> list = mapper.readValue(jsonString, new TypeReference<List<SomeClass>>() { });
SomeClass[] array = mapper.readValue(jsonString, SomeClass[].class);
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