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What tools, preferably open source, are recommended for driving an automated test suite on a FLEX based web application? The same tool also having built in capabilities to drive Web Services would be nice.

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Adobe distributes a test framework themselves: FlexUnit.

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I would suggest FlexUnit for automated testing of libraries you're building but it is a serious pain to use for a full application. – Ben Johnson Oct 15 '10 at 16:51

I heard of people using selenium as a free/open source testing tool. A quick google revealed a FLEX API for it. Not sure if it works or is still in development, but it may be worth a look.


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Are you looking to script code-level unit tests? If so, dpuint is the bomb: http://code.google.com/p/dpuint/ . This library makes it really easy to do automated testing on all sorts of asynchronous events, on either non-visual ActionScript objects or visual components. They also have a nice multi-page tutorial on the Google Code project page.

If you are looking for functional testing tools along the lines of automated record-and-playback simulating an end user using a Flex app, HP's QuickTest Pro is the Adobe-endorsed solution. It works great, but costs about $4,000 - $6,000 per seat.

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Check out FlexMonkey. It does automated testing via FlexUnit tests.

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FlexMonkey may be more of a pain than it is worth. Gorrilla Logic claims it works with custom components but I have found this is not the case. Anything with a renderer seems to have serious problems. It is a lot harder to set up tests than they claim and the tests aren't stable. I have written tests for one component 5 times now using hardcoded ids. Sometimes it just can't see the component and it dies. They only have 3 short paragraphs explaining tests in their user guide and they only respond to questions about how to set it up on their google group. I would avoid using this. – Ryan H Jan 7 '10 at 18:07

There's an automated test tool called RIATest that might fit the bill for you.

Unfortunately only for Windows, and not open source, but if it does the job it might be well worth the price ($399 at time of writing).

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RIATest 3 works on Mac OS X too. – TN. Aug 28 '10 at 12:38

FunFX is an option for automating UI testing. I haven't used it extensively, but I've heard of some having success with it. Here is the article where I first learned about it.

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I've been extensively using FunFX for several months now on a Flex 3 + Rails project. Not only is it open source, it's also written in Ruby, so integration with web services should be fairly easy. There are a few screencasts out there covering the basics.

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Try looking at Melomel. It has Cucumber support baked right in and comes packaged with steps for most Halo and Spark components.


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This appears to be a dead link now. – preaction Jul 3 '13 at 0:05

The Flex code that your Flex app needs is contained in the SeleniumFlexAPI distribution .swc file, SeleniumFlexAPI.swc. Just include this file as a library when you compile your Flex app.

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Sikuli is good tool which can be used to test flex/flash based web applications. -It can automate anything on graphical user interface. -It works on Windows, MAC OSX and Linux as well as iPhone and Android. -Here is the Sikuli link

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My preferred tool is Selenium Remote Control. There is a plug-in I discovered a few months ago:


This required 'hooks' to be written on the server side (ActionScript/Flex). Once they were added, I was able to do some browser testing using Selenium RC.

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FunFX is great. We've used it extensively and have been very happy with it. The community is also active and very responsive, so that is a big plus for me.

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The new version of the Selenium-Flex API (0.2.5) works great.

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