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I am using Real Time Updates in my application. I am subscribed to the User->Feed subscription. All facebook accounts connected in the system have permissions of offline_access, publish_stream, read_stream, and manage_pages.

I am receiving updates when comments are posted to existing stories on a users wall, as well as when stories are removed from the wall. But when someone (not using my app) creates a new post, directly to the app users wall, I am receiving no update from facebook. Even stranger, if the post is removed, I DO receive a Story/Remove notification from facebook.

How can I get facebook to notify me when a new post is created on a users wall? I have tested this multiple times with different accounts to no avail.

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Bump. Noone has experienced this? It isn't an issue with configuring real time updates; I receive them for a number of actions, including commenting on non-app user created wall posts. But specifically when a non-app user adds a wall post to one of my app pages, I receive no notification from facebook. – thefreeman Aug 31 '11 at 14:44
I've had the same issue on Pages. It seems to send a notification if the user that posts the message to the page has the same application installed that is being used on the page for the subscription to the realtime data. – Andy Muth Jan 19 '12 at 6:05

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