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I have a problem concerning .htaccess and QUERY_STRING.

I try redirecting an URL with my htaccess that looks like this:




I use RewriteCond and RewriteRule with the REQUEST_URI to redirect the url and everything works fine since REQUEST_URI is urldecoded by default in the htaccess.

However, when I email the link to Hotmail, Hotmail urldecodes the slashes and the question mark. The result looks like this:


So htaccess takes the link and tries to redirect it but due to the question mark the htaccess "thinks" everything behind the question mark is a QUERY_STRING.

The problem: apache2 doesn't urldecode the QUERY_STRING. So what happens is that htaccess redirects to


which will fail.

So my question is:

How can I tell htaccess to either urldecode the QUERY_STRING or use the full requested url (either urlendcoded or urldecoded) including the part after the question mark

Thanks in advance!


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I also have a similar problem I also could not get an answer. Have you solved it? – dstonek May 22 '12 at 14:53

You need not add [QSA] to your rewrite rule to force htaccess to encode query string too.

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