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I'd like to know when a Dojo form widget is parsed or ready so I can customize it dynamically. I am trying to achieve this by using the dojo.connect() method. However, I am not sure what event to listen to. Is it onLoad or onStartup or..?

This is what I have done but it isn't triggering:

dojo.connect(dijit.byId('myWidget'), 'onStartup', function(evt) {

note that the dijit.byId('myWidget') part returns the object correctly so that isn't the problem.


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It depends somewhat on what exactly you are trying to customize (see the widget lifecycle here) but I would guess that connecting to postCreate will satisfy your requirements

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to answer my own question, there is a "startup" function in the widget lifecycle so I can use that instead of "onStartup" like so:

dojo.connect(dijit.byId('myWidget'), 'startup', function(evt) {
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In my case I needed to wait for an external template. I made it like this:

var myCp= registry.byId("myContentPane");
myCp.set("onDownloadEnd", function(){
    console.log("Download complete!");
myCp.set("href", "myHtml.html");
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Well, if you wrap that code with a dojo.addOnLoad() function call you should be good.


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The widgets are parsed dynamically and loaded via AJAX calls. What you are propsing only works when the page loads but not after. –  Ayyoudy Aug 30 '11 at 18:57

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