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I think this will be a simple question. I have an App.config that contains a path

  <add key="Path" value="C:\\Test\\" />

I want to add a couple more paths to the App.config so I don't have them hard coded in my C# windows service. Will it work if I change this

string newPath = @"C:\SecondTest\" + fileName;

to this

string newPath = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["SecondPath"] + fileName;

I could then create SecondPath in the App.config.

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Yes, it will work but it would be better to combine paths like this instead of using string concatenations:

string newPath = Path.Combine(
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Worked great. Thank you –  Matt Aug 30 '11 at 19:47

Yes that would work (did you try it ?).

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AppSettings works like key-value storage so it will work however you like

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