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Is it possible to create a description for parameters used in an (asmx)-webservice? I know I can set the description of the webmethod with the Description-property. However is it also possible to add an attribute to the parameter to create description in the webservice for a given parameter

[WebMethod(Description = @"Get all approved friends <br /> 
    where rownum >= StartPage * count AND rownum < (StartPage+1) * count")]
public Friend[] GetFriendsPaged(int startPage, int count){...}

For instance in the example given above, I would like to add documentation that the StartPage is 0-based.

Thanks in advance

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There is no way to do this, and no standard for what to do with the information even if you could add it. It's true that a WSDL may contain annotations for any element, but there's no standard about, for instance, placing those annotations into comments in the generated proxy class.

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I can't find any way of doing it. I guess you'd have to put the text into the Webmethod's description.

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So far, I have managed to put html tags in the desciption (like pointing to our wiki page) like: <a href=link>Service Wiki</a>

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