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Best methods to parse HTML with PHP
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I want to parse html to find links, but i want not only to find links like http://www.aaa.com, but also links like www.apple.com or just apple.com. I dont wand to find a tags. I want to find links in user input text.

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You want to find <a> tags? CSS @include directives? src="..." attributes? links/hostnames in text nodes? –  Marc B Aug 30 '11 at 17:21
@see stackoverflow.com/questions/3577641/… –  Paul S. Aug 30 '11 at 17:26
I want to find links in user input text. –  Тарас Лукавий Aug 30 '11 at 19:26
@Graydot that's not what he's looking for –  Pekka 웃 Aug 30 '11 at 19:32

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Read here in preg_match Manual Page.

The expression I would use:

/https?:\/?\/?[^\ ]+/i
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