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Im using a Model Post. it doesn't have any associations. but for a paginated action i need to display the user name also, so used $this->Post->bindModel() to attach User model to the Posts. But i'm not getting the Users attached with the Post in the resulting query. The problem i think is the paginate method initially makes a call like find('count') to get the total no of results, so the bind is removed from there on. Have a look at my paginate variable

var $paginate = array(
        'order'=>'created DESC'

In the action


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the fields should be 'fields'=>array(..). But I think you shouldn't specify that.

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If you use bindModel, after a call to a find method, the model gets unbinded.

You need to add a boolean false, like this: bindModel(array(...),false).

This way it will still be binded after the paginateCount call ...

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