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I have a text entry box in my rails app. When a user inserts text and submits it the controller checks the entries table by id to see if the entry exists or not. If the entry does not exist a new entry is put into the table. If the entry does exist then it is updated to contain the new text input.

Right now if a user submits an entry and then edits it and submits it again without reloading the page a new entry is created when it shouldn't be. I noticed that if a new entry is created its id won't be passed to the controller until the page is reloaded. This means that if someone keeps editing a text entry and saving it without reloading, a new entry will be added to the table for each edit.

I want the entry id to be passed to the client as soon as it is created. So that if a user decided to immediately edit the text entry they will be submitting the id of the entry with the text, thus editing the existing entry and not creating a new one.

This is some of the code:


def edit_description
@msg = ''
@entry = nil
  if params[:entry][:id]==nil || params[:entry][:id]==''
    @entry =[:entry])
    @entry = Entry.find(params[:entry][:id])
    @entry.title = params[:entry][:title] = params[:entry][:data]      

   @msg ='Save Successful'
   @msg ='Trouble Saving'    



<%= form_remote_tag(
            :url=>{:controller=>"details", :action=>"edit_description"}%>
        <p><textarea rows="10" cols="50" name="entry[data]"><%= (h( unless @entry==nil)%></textarea></p>
            <input type="hidden" name="entry[id]" value="<%=( unless @entry==nil)%>"/> 
            <input type="submit" value="Save"/>
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Shouldn't this just be edit/update using REST?

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