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I wish to start a new open source (web app) project but I have some doubts about combining code under these two licences. Ideally, I would like my project to be released under a permissive licence (a la BSD/Apache) but I have the following problem: All libraries' licences that I can use are compatible with each other on the desktop browser version. So, no worries here. However, to build the mobile app, I need a framework which is released under AGPL3/commercial that I cannot do without. Unless I pay for a (prohibitive) commercial licence. I am unwilling to do this, as I cannot afford a steep price for a project that I do not expect any revenue from.

So, I will at some point have duplicate code (which I will assert full copyright) in both an AGPL project and an Apache project. I figure, since I am the copyright holder, I can use the same code in AGPL and another copy of it in Apache, right? Is this allowed?

If yes, my plan is to release the desktop version under a licence like Apache/BSD and the mobile version under AGPL3.

Doing without a permissive licence is not a huge problem, but I think I'll have to, if necessary.

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You are correct about being able to license the work as you please as you are the copyright holder - there is no restriction here. Assuming you are opening the source code for public contributions though, you cannot have a situation where someone submits some code to the mobile application, and you incorporate that code into the desktop application under a different license.

Apache 2.0 libraries can be included in AGPLv3 works, so the easier solution I see for you to do is implement the parts shared between your desktop and mobile applications as an Apache 2.0 licensed work, and include it in the two apps. That would mean that any contributions to the library can be included in both applications.

Ultimately you'll need the mobile app to be AGPL, but if you implement it in such a way that includes your shared library, and any contributors are aware of that, such that they would need to license their modifications to the library under Apache, but the mobile specific parts under AGPL.

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+1. Do you have any experience in dual-licencing? How can I make the contributors aware that their changes may require Apache and/or AGPL licencing? –  jeshan Aug 30 '11 at 19:48

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