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I am attempting to have a Box:Sprite on the stage surround a DisplayObject. The DisplayObject is often embedded within other DisplayObjects and often has transformations applied such as rotation, scale, x, y, etc.. even 3D transformations such as rotationX, rotationY, etc.. Getting the Box to accurately mimic the dimensions and position of the DisplayObject is becoming very challenging. I am hoping someone has some actionscript 3 wizardry that can work in most every situation. Here are some of the solutions that almost work so you know where I am going with this:

        var scope:DisplayObject = displayObject;

        box.x = -holder.x
        box.y = -holder.y
        box.z = -holder.z
        box.scaleX = 1
        box.scaleY = 1
        box.scaleZ = 1
        box.rotation = 0
        box.rotationX = 0
        box.rotationY = 0
        box.rotationZ = 0

        while (scope) {
            box.y += scope.y
            box.x += scope.x
            box.z += scope.z
            box.scaleX *= scope.scaleX
            box.scaleY *= scope.scaleY
            box.scaleZ *= scope.scaleZ
            box.rotationX += scope.rotationX
            box.rotationY += scope.rotationY
            box.rotationZ += scope.rotationZ
            if (scope.transform.matrix)
                box.rotation += scope.rotation

            scope = scope.parent as DisplayObject;

And another:

        if (eb.followObject.hasOwnProperty("transform")) {

            if (eb.followObject.transform.matrix) {

                //bg.transform.matrix = DisplayObject(eb.followObject).transform.concatenatedMatrix
                //nope - bg.transform.matrix.concat(this.parent.parent.parent.parent.transform.matrix)

                var m:Matrix = new Matrix();
                var scope:DisplayObject = eb.followObject;
                while (scope) {
                    scope = scope.parent as DisplayObject;
                bg.transform.matrix = m

                bg.x -= this.parent.parent.parent.parent.x
                bg.y -= this.parent.parent.parent.parent.y
                bg.z = 0;
            else {
                //bg.transform.matrix3D = DisplayObject(eb.followObject).transform.getRelativeMatrix3D(root)
                var mx3d:Matrix3D = new Matrix3D();
                var scope:DisplayObject = eb.followObject;
                while (scope) {
                    scope = scope.parent as DisplayObject;
                bg.transform.matrix3D = mx3d
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I am confused as to what you are doing. You have a displayObject on stage somewhere which I assume is a box? on the stage somewhere. And you want to draw a box somewhere else on stage that looks just like it? –  The_asMan Aug 30 '11 at 22:24
Yes, the box:DisplayObject should surround another displayObject. The box is on the stage while the other displayObject could be anywhere. –  please delete me Aug 31 '11 at 13:31
then why not just clone it? –  The_asMan Aug 31 '11 at 20:26
You will see that in the 2nd example I attempt to clone the displayObject (eb.followObject) but it does not work for some reason. There is the complication of matrix vs matrix3D and the fact that displayObject bay be deep inside of another DisplayObject. –  please delete me Aug 31 '11 at 20:32
No I mean something like newBox = srcBox The only thing I would see an issue with this is the x and y cords, but that can be offset also. And of course if you change one you change the other. –  The_asMan Aug 31 '11 at 23:07

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