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I'm currently working on a method to automatically identify certain types of spam. My research for this is causing me to run into a ton of phishing attempts and nasty, nasty porn. Adding a website I'm about to open to the images exception list in Firefox preferences is a lengthy process. Is there a quick way (perhaps through a plugin) for me to signify I want to open a page without loading any of its scripts or images?

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You can use Adblock Plus and add a filter like *$ - any web page from won't be allowed to load anything then. If you want to automate this task, this filter can also be added by running the following code from a privileged context, e.g. from the Error Console:

Components.utils.import("chrome://adblockplus-modules/content/Public.jsm", null)

And removed by running:

Components.utils.import("chrome://adblockplus-modules/content/Public.jsm", null)

Documentation of the public API of Adblock Plus: (I simplified the way this API is accessed because I assume that compatibility with old Adblock Plus versions and Firefox versions before Firefox 4 is irrelevant here).

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