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I am just localizing my app and when I localize one certain xib-file, I get a linker error with exit code 1. The file that is duplicate (so tells me the compiler) is always the xib I just localized.

I suppose an internal file list in the xcode project does not recognize the localization BUT... it's just a suspicion ;)

Do you have any idea for the reason of this problem?

Thank you in advance, Christian

EDIT: Just found out that the linker error remains when i remove the localized files and reiimport the un-localized file... maybe this helps...

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What is the error message from the linker? Without we can just guess. It is probably not the Xib file, because they are not handled by the linker at all. – Sven Oct 21 '12 at 9:24

I think you need

  • to add the file in build phases


  • add copied resources

    this link will help

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In the left pane, highlight the .xib file and do a Get Info. Under the General Tab, click on the make localizable button.

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I know how to localize a xib File, but then, there is the linker error... – cschwarz Aug 31 '11 at 5:22

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