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I want to create a page where users can upload photos with ajax. I have tried many plugins but the are not fitting my needs. I want a simple uploader without much hectic. Can anyone tell me how can I do this without using a plugin or can anyone suggest me a plugin that dont interfere in ui and just do the work of taking the image, validating it and sending it to the server side page. I have tried the following plugins:

1) Blueimp 2) Valums image uploader 3) Uploadify

Valums file uploader is interfering the ui. Blueimp's integration is too hard and uncomfortable. Uploadify is using flash. I don't want to use flash or iframes. This is a serious application and quality of code is really really important.

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you have no choice but to use flash or iframes. you can't send a file any other way.

You can implement plugins however that do the iframe or flash work for you.

My personal favorite is to add a new transport to jquery called iframe that allows you to upload using hidden iframes with jquery's $.ajax method.


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Check this sample .


Here are some other in case any of them helps .


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