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I've build a small AppeEngine application which displays a green or red screen according to an URL call (/pass or /fail). That page is refreshed every minute.

The idea is to use a spare computer to display that build status page and set a continuous integration tool (TeamCity in my case) which will call the /pass or /fail URL at the end of each maven 2 build.

So, how am I able to make maven 2 call an URL at the end of a build (/pass or /fail)?

I'm thinking about a Maven 2 plugin but is it possible for a plugin to be called at the end of the build (and get the build status)?

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I just saw the maven Notifier class (maven.apache.org/ref/current/maven-model/apidocs/org/apache/…) but does somebody know how to use it ? –  paulgreg Apr 8 '09 at 11:59

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You could use antrun from maven in the "install" phase to check for the presence or absence of a file and then execute httpclient (or the equivalent) based on that. Or you could write a wrapper that calls maven and then calls curl.

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Yes, thanks. By the way, I've found that the simple way to call an URL in Java seems to be new URL('http://yoururl').openStream();. Notice that I'm not looking for any kind of response. –  paulgreg Apr 17 '09 at 12:29

The status monitor plugin from Hudson does exactly what you want. It can even monitor multiple jobs instead of just one.

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Indeed, that's good to know. However, we're using TeamCity and won't change our CI tool any soon. –  paulgreg Apr 7 '09 at 13:45

I think another way is to build a custom notifier for TeamCity, like the Nabaztag Notifier.

Update: Ok, I just began a custom TeamCity notifier on google code : buildstatusnotifier. It's so simple to build... :)

Here's the main class, WebNotifier.

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