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I am not sure whether this is a Sphinx question or a Linux question.

Anyway, I am running Sphinx on my CentOS server box.

I successfully managed to change the ownership of some Sphinx-related files and directories as I want only root and the Apache group to be able to read those information:

chown root.apache /etc/sphinx/sphinx.conf
chmod 640 /etc/sphinx/sphinx.conf

chown -R root.apache /var/lib/sphinx
chmod -R 750 /var/lib/sphinx

My problem is when Sphinx generates the files containing the index in the directory /var/lib/sphinx, they have ownership


How can I make them have permission



The Sphinx documentation doesn't mention about that.


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Set SETGID for directory /var/lib/sphinx/:

root@centos:~# chmod g+s /var/lib/sphinx/

This way, all created file in directory /var/lib/sphinx/ will inherit group from parent. If sphinx is not messing with ownership by it self (I guess it't not) then this will work.

You can read more here about SETGID on directories.

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Or you can run the cron job as the user sphinx rather than as root, either by adding sudo -u sphinx in the existing crontab entry, or by removing it from root's crontab and adding it to the appropriate user's crontab. (Perhaps you should report this as a bug against the package, if you are using a packaged version.)

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