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Is there a python package that provides list of all (or fairly complete) currencies with the symbols (like "$" for USD).

There are excellent pycountry, py-moneyed and ccy but these do not have symbols.

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By "symbols", do you mean the conventional abbreviations (like "$" for USD)? –  Mechanical snail Aug 30 '11 at 19:43
Yes. Will update the question again. –  Shekhar Aug 30 '11 at 19:43

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It's a lot more than you really need, but Babel does include currencies, in the Locale currency_symbols dictionary. Some may require a little parsing, though; for example, USD is 'US$' rather than just the dollar sign, while others, like the Euro or Yuan, have no such prefix.

I believe Babel uses the CLDR as its source.

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import locale

locales=('en_AG', 'en_AU.utf8', 'en_BW.utf8', 'en_CA.utf8',
    'en_DK.utf8', 'en_GB.utf8', 'en_HK.utf8', 'en_IE.utf8', 'en_IN', 'en_NG',
    'en_NZ.utf8', 'en_PH.utf8', 'en_SG.utf8', 'en_US.utf8', 'en_ZA.utf8',
    'en_ZW.utf8', 'ja_JP.utf8')
for l in locales:
    locale.setlocale(locale.LC_ALL, l)
    print('{int_curr_symbol} ==> {currency_symbol}'.format(**conv))
    # XCD  ==> $
    # AUD  ==> $
    # BWP  ==> Pu
    # CAD  ==> $
    # DKK  ==> kr
    # GBP  ==> £
    # HKD  ==> HK$
    # EUR  ==> €
    # INR  ==> ₨
    # NGN  ==> ₦
    # NZD  ==> $
    # PHP  ==> Php
    # SGD  ==> $
    # USD  ==> $
    # ZAR  ==> R
    # ZWD  ==> Z$
    # JPY  ==> ¥

This depends on what locales are installed on your machine. On *nix machines, you can find out what locales are available with the command locale -a.

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@ubuntu I am aware of this but I am looking for a package that has an exclusive list of symbols. Can not rely of locale(s) installed on machine in this case. –  Shekhar Aug 31 '11 at 13:52

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