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I am building a simple blog in rails and have a form with multiple buttons. One button allows someone to save a draft, and another allows someone to publish a post.

One button has a name for saving the draft, and another has a name to publish the post. If the publish param is present, it will execute the publish function in the post model.

In the controller I have

post.publish unless !params[:publish]

How do I use rspec to test that if the publish param is present that it will call the publish action on the model?

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Well, it depends. If you do integration testing using capybara, you just say which button shall be clicked. But I guess, you have a controller. So instead of

post :create, :post => {...}

you need to do

post :create, :post => {...}, :publish => "Publish"

In reality, the value (label) of the button will be submitted as the value of params[:publish], so you might want to pass the real label of that button as :publish.

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