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I have the following element created by UiBinder:

@UiField UListElement phones;

With the following markup:

<ul ui:field="phones" class="contact section"></ul>

I had previously been using the method setInnerHtml(String) to set the value. For example:

phones.setInnerHtml("<li><span class='title'>" + title + 
    "</span><div class='phone'><a href='tel:" + number + "'>" + 
    number + "</a></div></li>");

I would now like to use SafeHtmlTemplates to reduce the possibility of having XSS (cross-site scripting) problems. Using a SafeHtmlTemplate, I now get back SafeHtml which I would like to stick into my phones element variable. How do I do this? I don't see a method that would take a SafeHtml type variable.

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To use SafeHtml you have to stick to GWTs widgets. More specific:

With the introduction of the package, all of the core GWT library's widgets that take String arguments that are interpreted as HTML have been augmented with corresponding methods that take a SafeHtml-typed value. In particular, all widgets that implement the HasHTML (or HasDirectionalHtml) interface also implement the HasSafeHtml (or HasDirectionalSafeHtml, respectively) interface.

If Ui:Binder should generate safe html you have to set the following property in your module xml:

<set-configuration-property name="UiBinder.useSafeHtmlTemplates" value="true" />
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Yeah, I guess I can't set the HTML on elements any other way than through setInnerHtml. I'll just have to audit everywhere I use setInnerHtml. I'll just use: phones.setInnerHtml(safeHtml.asString()); – 11101101b Aug 30 '11 at 21:20

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