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Is there a library, which is able to build SPARQL queries programmatically like the CriteriaBuilder in JPA or to build the queries like with a PreparedStatement for SQL?

Similar (for SQL): Cleanest way to build an SQL string in Java

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You can build queries programmatically in Jena using two methods: syntax or algebra. There's an introduction in the jena wiki.

Using the algebra you'd do something like:

Op op;
BasicPattern pat = new BasicPattern();                 // Make a pattern
pat.add(pattern);                                      // Add our pattern match
op = new OpBGP(pat);                                   // Make a BGP from this pattern
op = OpFilter.filter(e, op);                           // Filter that pattern with our expression
op = new OpProject(op, Arrays.asList(Var.alloc("s"))); // Reduce to just ?s
Query q = OpAsQuery.asQuery(op);                       // Convert to a query
q.setQuerySelectType();                                // Make is a select query

(taken from the wiki page)

It's not CriteriaBuilder (nor was it intended to be), but is some of the way there. You OpJoin rather than AND, OpUnion when you want to OR, etc. The pain points are expressions in my experience: you probably want to parse them from a string.

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You can use the Jena Semantic Framework (SPARQL documentation). Also take a look at this related question. Sadly, its syntax is closer to a SQL PreparedStatement than to the JPA.

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but the syntax used on the linked question is the thing i want to avoid –  Martin Schlagnitweit Aug 30 '11 at 21:56
Ok. I misunderstood your question. I've found other links talking about a library called "Empire" that is a JPA-like interface that uses SPARQL under the covers (weblog.clarkparsia.com/2010/01/11/empire-05) but I've not been able to find the source code at github. –  Guido García Aug 30 '11 at 22:04
I've finally found it at github.com/mhgrove/Empire but I've never used it before. I hope it fits your needs, despite it seems hard to start using it: weblog.clarkparsia.com/2010/05/07/… –  Guido García Aug 30 '11 at 22:07

The Sesame framework offers a Repository API which is somewhat similar to JDBC - it allows you to create a prepared Query object and inject variable bindings before executing it:

String query = "SELECT * WHERE {?X ?P ?Y }";
TupleQuery preparedQuery = conn.prepareQuery(QuerLanguage.SPARQL, query);
preparedQuery.setBinding("X", someValue);
TupleQueryResult result = preparedQuery.evaluate();
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The recent versions of Jena have added a StringBuilder style API for building query/update strings and parameterizing them if desired.

This class is called ParameterizedSparqlString, here's an example of using it to create a query:

ParameterizedSparqlString queryStr = new SparqlParameterizedString();
queryStr.setNSPrefix("sw", "http://skunkworks.example.com/redacted#");
queryStr.append("SELECT ?a ?b ?c ?d");
queryStr.append("   ?rawHit sw:key");
queryStr.append("  ?rawHit sw:a ?a .");
queryStr.append("  ?rawHit sw:b ?b .");
queryStr.append("  ?rawHit sw:c ?c . ");
queryStr.append("  ?rawHit sw:d ?d .");
queryStr.append("} ORDER BY DESC(d)");

Query q = queryStr.asQuery();

Disclaimer - I'm the developer who contributed this functionality to Jena

See What's the best way to parametize SPARQL queries? for more discussion on doing this across various APIs.

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I implemented SPARQL Java - a kind of DSL for writing SPARQL queries in Java.

It solves the problem with IDE's auto formatting of concatenated SPARQL query strings and things like that.

As for example:

String shortQuery = Q.prefix("books", "http://example.org/books#")
            .select("?book ?authorName", new where() {
                    $("?book books:author ?author");
                    $("?author books:authorName ?authorName");
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I have just released a beta project to do just this, called Spanqit.

I strove for readability and an intuitive interface, for example, here is some example Spanqit syntax for creating a query:

    .where(x.has(foaf.iri("name"), name))

Check it out, and feel free to comment and suggest improvements!

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Looks good, i will check it out –  Martin Schlagnitweit Nov 10 at 8:21

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