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I'm using FileReader.readAsBinaryString to upload a file using a multipart/form-data POST request to a server.

The file gets sent and the server receives and saves the file.

When I try to open the file on the server I get messages saying that it is corrupted (png images) or I see a blank document (in the case of a pdf). Obviously something is going wrong.

Is there some other encoding that needs to be applied to the data returned in event.target.result in the FileReader.onload handler? Am I missing something else?


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Try using FormData instead of reading the file as a binary string and constructing the multipart/form-data request manually. See my response here: HTML5 File API readAsBinaryString reads files as much larger, different than files on disk

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AWESOME! That worked! Thanks! –  Seth Griffin Aug 31 '11 at 15:34

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