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class Person
  def name
   puts "Dave"

puts Person.object_id

There are only two ways of accessing methods :

1) Someclass.method in case of class methods. #where Someclass is a class.

2) and Object.method when the method being accessed is a regular method declared inside a class. and Object is an instance of a class.

It follows the pattern Object.method so, does it mean Person class is really an object?

or object_id is a class method? The latter seems unlikely because class methods cannot be inherited into an instance. but when we do something like this :

a =
a.methods.include?("object_id") # this produces true

a is an instance of Person class so object_id cannot be a class method.

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In English, question marks go immediately after the word. –  Andrew Grimm Mar 26 '12 at 22:34

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Yes, Ruby classes are objects:

>> String.is_a? Object
=> true
>> String.methods.count
=> 131
>> Fixnum.methods.count
=> 128
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Thanks @mu is too short Awesome.. extremely simple answer. i had tons of doubts, because of this. May be you will be able to answer this question too please take a look… –  pankajdoharey Aug 30 '11 at 23:01

Yes, classes in Ruby are instances of class Class. In fact, you can create the same class just with:

Person = do
  define_method :name do
    puts 'Dave'

Then, you can just type and it will work exactly as your class.

Checking that Person is an instance of class Class is as easy as typing in your repl Person.class and you get Class in return.

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