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I'm trying to build a live wallpaper on Android 2.1 and I cannot figure out how to make a rectangular with x-repeatable bitmap.

Bitmap backWaveImage = BitmapFactory.decodeResource(res, R.drawable.test);
BitmapDrawable backWave = new BitmapDrawable(backWaveImage);

backWave.setBounds(0, this.horizon, 
             this.width, this.horizon + backWaveImage.getHeight());

where c - is canvas. This code produces nothing.

If I add backWave.setTileModeY(TileMode.REPEAT); I get the following:

Image seems to be incorrectly scaled or smth. I've got picture in drawable dir, so it's being upscaled.

If I draw a single image (without BitmapDrawable) everything looks fine. I've played with Gravity, with various TileModes. I've even tried to use Shader, but nothing helped.

This issue makes me crazy. Please, help.

2 WarrenFaith

There's not much to show. I've got a basic drawFrame() function from CubeLiveWallpaper demo. I believe it works fine.

I've done more tests. This time 5x5 red square with white center.

backWave.setGravity(Gravity.LEFT | Gravity.TOP);

This code produces the following:

Square is being upscaled to 8x8 pixels, that's ok, but it's definitely misaligned.

backWave.setGravity(Gravity.LEFT | Gravity.TOP);

gets me something unexpected:

enter image description here

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can you provide your complete draw method and what you really get? Its hard to understand the exact problem –  WarrenFaith Aug 30 '11 at 22:45

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Well, I've figured it out.

My picture is 10x10 pixels. When I use:

backWave.setBounds(0, 486, 480, 496);

I get the nasty image. When, I use:

backWave.setBounds(0, 480, 480, 490);

everything is fine.

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